Paws Explores Adventures began in Melbourne with the motivation to help those who help others.  The organisation donates ALL profits from each of the events and divides it between various animal and human charities.

Stacey from x-Stacey VITALITY and her 15yo soul-pup Buddy did absolutely everything together.  From general walks, runs and exercise routines to their adventures of hiking, rockclimbing, camping, roadtrips and even climbing to Cape York - the tip of Australia!  

Buddy was rescued by Stacey when he was dumped and left as a beautiful little 6 week old Kelpie puppy.  We don't understand how anyone can do that to such amazing creatures but glad he went to such a loving, caring home!  Infact, Stacey always insists that Buddy rescued her.

On Boxing Day 2014, Buddy was unfortunately suddenly diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphamic system) - not that you would have ever seen it coming as he was so happy and running around with glistens in his eyes. Stacey was obviously in complete shock and shattered by this terribly upseting news.  She was told that given his grand old age of 15 that there is a low rate of any chemotherapy being successful.  This meant nothing to Stacey as she said, "No matter what it is, we'll do everything we can for him and try the treatment - Buddy is a fighter and my soulmate and I know that when he is ready to cross the rainbow bridge, he'll make that choice".  Buddy's chemotherapy was due to begin the second week in January 2015 and so it was decided, Stacey would take him on their final roadtrip adventure and explore another new location - Kangaroo Island off South Australia.  
They had an amazing time walking and running on the beaches, eating good food, driving around to see the beautiful scenery and meeting great people.  Buddy even made sure Stacey was going to be looked after when he wasn't around by trying to find another little kelpie for her to rescue and also was there to give his blessing to Tim who then 'popped the question' on the Island.  Stacey also thought that another little furbaby would help Buddy with his treatment and keep him happy.
When they returned to Melbourne in January the chemotheapy began and so did the search for another rescue puppy.  

On March 15, 2015 a litter of puppies were born after the pregnant mother was rescued from being put to sleep by a farmer in NSW.  Her and the pups were brought to Melbourne where Stacey liased with the Australian Kelpie Rescue to give one of those beautiful babies a loving home where they would only get the best of everything!  Annie from AKR said that once the puppies were 8 weeks, she would love for one of them to go to Stacey and Buddy.  

Buddy knew that this other little Kelpie puppy would have big paws to fill and was glad she would have another soul-pup to keep her on her toes, join her on all the adventures and protect her.
Throughout all of the treatment Buddy was still his happy self - tail always wagging, big smile and as loyal as ever.  It wasn't until the last couple of days before he chose to cross the rainbow bridge on April 15, that he slowed down.

One very long sad month past before Stacey met the litter of 8 week old puppies. She believes that you don't choose your soul-pets, they choose you. So she sat back and waited for one of the 6 little kelpies to come up and choose her... and so a particularly cute and cheeky puppy jumped on her and while wagging his tail and did just that.  He is Stacey's new rock - strong, bold, loyal and handsome and appropriately called Rokky!

Rokky - The Rescue Kelpie still has big paws to fill left by Buddy's legacy.  He's a ROKK-Star when it comes to being part of the Paws Explores Adventures and the team look forward to meeting you during an event or puppy PT/daycare soon!

In memory of BUDDY (2000-2015)